7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose

Are you getting ready to somewhere? And, confused to pick suitable shoes? More likely, not only you but many of us in this situation. And, because of this reason, today, 7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose, going to entertain you. 

Moreover, why not borrow magic from Cinderella? 

7 Shoe Recommendations – Be Your Version of Cinderella

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose
7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose

*BUZZZ*... As your phone notification is demanding your attention. It turns out your loving friend is asking you to go out for a lovely tomorrow night celebration. 

Within that kind of exact moment where all the thrilling sensation and exciting thoughts mingled up, you wish you have a fairy godmother who grants you a world-class princess outfit and the legendary glass-slipper.

Again, *BUZZZ*… Another notification awakens you from that broad daylight dream – makes you aware that you live in the real world, not in such a blissful fairy tale. 

Catch up, ladies! 

You do not need any mystical being to help you! You already got their ‘mystical power’ in your grasp. ‘The Omnipotent’ technology: Your Phone!

Fortunately, the latest informational technology, which can be accessed easily from each of our gadgets, offers many things that can help us in facing the above exact situation. 

Furthermore, not only you can browse for the latest trends and outfit recommendations, but also about how you may do shopping ‘from the distance' things– summoning them directly from ‘thin air.' 
Isn't this tech not ‘magical’ enough?

So in this case, let us be ‘your fairy godmother’ and grant you with 7 Shoe Recommendations – Be Your Version of Cinderella

1) Prefer Wedges on Formal Occasion (Change Wedges with other words)

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose
Wedges For Formal Occasion - Tips Choosing Shoes 

To avoid the worst when you are attending a formal event with an extended duration, you can use wedges. Since using it will comfort you, it enough provides some ‘durability' for your feet. Flat wedges will make it easy for you to walk or stand for hours. Walk on!

2) Heels? A wedding suits it best! - Choosing Shoes

Invited as a bridesmaid? Or accompany your BAE to his BF's? Pick the heels, ladies! Heels will make you look much more fashionable and give your feet a lengthy look.

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose
Choosing Shoes - Heels for Wedding Party

By the way, the most significant one is to make sure that you choose the most comfortable one within your ‘arsenal.' But also quite think about the color! Choose a similar one with your dress or the ‘neutral' for an alternative – e.g., black, gray, ivory, gold, navy blue, or brown.

3) Boots for an Epic Treasure Hunt or Simple Garden Party

Well, boots are here to take some adventure! Outdoor-themed invitations are held more often today. From a simple afternoon garden party ‘to Caribbean-themed Halloween eve, boots will be a great ‘accompany’ for either your trendy party outfit or pirate costume.

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place ans Purpose
Boots for Hunt or Simple Garden Party

It will fully cover your soles, minimizing the risk within uncertain terrain. Leave the one with pointy heels in your closet! Boots with pointy heels will slow you down on the sandy or soiled field.

4) Flat Shoes and Practicality

Certainly, some semi-formal occasions or indoor activities require flexibility and practicality. In that case, flat shoes will be a great choice. It will give you the ease to perform some actions that makes you take your shoes off.

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose
Flat Shoes and Practically - Tips Choosing Shoes

It's also suitable for all of you who don't want to appear to stand out. Feel comfortable, right?

5) Sport Shoes, Why Not?

Precisely, sports shoes are for active people or full-activity agenda – Sport Shoes will ‘spoil' you with their coziness. Things like hanging out with friends, taking a peaceful evening walk, or maybe for its sole function. 

For example, on some sporty occasions like a morning walk or run or jogging in the park, sports shoes can cooperate well.

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose
Sport Shoes, Why Not?

It is going to boost your confidence if combined with pants – giving you more casual looks.

Try it out!

6) Choosing Shoes - Oxfords at the Office

It is an excellent way to have a formal look during office hours, but you don't want to let go of the ‘convenience’ as your primary choice? 

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose
Choosing Shoes - Oxfords at the Office

Then, Oxford's is the right answer to that dilemma. Its simplicity and amenities will give you a chance to move easier on floors and within the department.

Make certain you mix it with a simple outfit, so your modest looks will shine out amongst your co-workers!

7) Flip-flop - Informal

7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place ans Purpose
Flip-Flop - Picture credit by www.fazionmania.com

So far, most people underrate the ‘power' of flip-flops within a specific condition. In case you want to appear stylish when doing' some weekly laundry or stuffing out groceries, the flip-flop will work perfectly. 

So, those are 7 Tips Choosing Shoes According to Place and Purpose, which can add some insights about tips and ways for choosing shoes to suit places and purposes. 

In the end, like what the fairy godmother said: “leave it to me, what a gown this will be – BIBBIDI-BOBBIDI BOO! Of course, it isn't glass slippers, but at least, it will last more than midnight. (Have a good time, dance, or have a walk.) 

Do you have any other tips?

Please leave your comment in the provided comment box below and if you like friends of yours to read it, you may also share it on your social media accounts or even email!

Have a good day!

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