5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose

In the age of smartphones, fewer and fewer people are using and/or wearing a watch. Many aspects of a watch have been replaced by a single smartphone and many people also considered a watch as a thing of the past and is no longer needed. And, in this post, I want to share 5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose from, also make sure that still we need the watch.

Benefits of Watches and Things to Know Before Getting One

5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose 

On the other hand, there are still people who think that smartphones and watches are two different things, and watches have their own functions and benefits over smartphones. Let's start with:

The Benefits of Wearing a Watch:

1. A Timepiece 

First, of course, the function of the watch is as a timepiece. Talking about watches, it's very closely related to time. With a watch wrapped around your wrist, you don't bother asking others about the time or looking at the place that can tell the current time.

People who are disciplined, they are really calculating how much time they need to do something. For them, a wristwatch is a very important thing need to have.

2. An Accessories

Next, watches are part of fashion. One of the accessories that can enhance the appearance and make someone who wears it feel more confident.

People who really care and pay attention to their appearance, they will spend time mixing and matching watches and other accessories with the outfit they want to use. For them, a wristwatch is an important thing to make them look fashionable.

3. An Indicator of Social Status 

There are many watches available in the market, with various models and prices. For rich people, wearing watches with fantastic prices is one of their effort to show social status. They will wear the original watches of famous brands.

Besides that, they also collect these expensive watches and make them as investments. They look for unlimited or special edition watches for that.

4. A Gift 

Perhaps, you've run out of ideas to give a gift to someone. For graduations, birthdays, or anything for your kids, wife or husband, friends or relatives, the watch can be a great gift for anyone and on any occasion.

When you’re in doubt, a watch can be the answer and solution you need. Just go to a watch shop and get one, simple as that.

Researching for a great watch as a gift isn’t hard either. There are many articles and people who know which watches are great to be gifted and can be customized based on things like budget, style, and the kind of person the watch is intended for.

Besides that, watches are also long-lasting. A gift is more valuable if it can last for years to come. A watch will not only last for a long time but also can be worn at all times.

Imagine gifting a watch for someone that you love and they wear the watch every time you see them. Compare this to a phone, they might replace it with a new one within a year.

5. A Social Tool 

Furthermore, watches can be a great icebreaker in any situation. When you’re in a room with someone you don’t know, you can break the ice by asking something about the current time or about the watch they are wearing. Tell them you love their watch, guess the brand, and ask them where they got it.

Asking about someone’s watch can be a great line opener and might work well than you expected. It’s way better than the old cheesy that people often used and it will also make you sound more educated and sophisticated.

Tips on Choosing Watches:

     1. Start with Types

There are different types of watches you can buy. Three main types are; analog, digital, and analog/digital. Analog/digital watches combine two different types into one watch.

Analog watches are typically good for business and formal occasions. Digital watches are more casual. Analog/digital watches are practical and can be worn every day except on formal occasions, usually.

2. Materials

Materials will determine the style, type, and price of the watch. From the case that holds the face of the watch to the bands. The case is typically made from resin, metal, plastic, or titanium, and the bands are from canvas, leather, or exotic skins.

3. Style

A watch can range from a sports watch, field watch or divers watch. But the most common types are casual, formal, or dress watches.

4. Movement Types

Watches use power sources from the battery, quartz, or mechanical. Choose the one that picks your interest the most.

     5. Brand

The brand will be heavily dependent on your budget. Most companies have a huge option for watches, some offer both cheap and expensive watches, and some only offer luxury watches.

In fact, time is the most valuable thing. The time that has passed will never come back again. And, talking about watches, it's very closely related to time. 

After you’ve got your watch, you can wear it with pride. 

I hope after you read this 5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose you have a better idea about looking time from a watch or mobile phone. 


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38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 3)

Hello, how are you, everyone? How about the days you've been through this week? I wish you always have a nice and happy moment with your family and friends. Here, I want to continue to write my article about 38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 3)

In my last post about 
38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 2), I presented the beauty and uniqueness of traditional wedding dresses from the Island of Kalimantan which has five Provinces. And, in this post, I will present the charm and elegance of traditional wedding dresses from the island of Java.

The Charm And Elegance of Javenees Traditional Wedding Dresses

38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 3)
- Image credit Pinterest Community

There are 6 Provinces on the Island of Java. One of them is the Province of The Special Capital Region namely, Jakarta. Jakarta is the Capital City of Indonesia.

Besides the Special Capital City area, the Island of Jave is divided into Banten, West Java, Central Java, the Special Region of Yogyakarta, and East Java. Let's see them one by one!

16. Traditional Wedding Dresses for Banten Province 

First, starting with the Province of Banten. This Province has an indigenous tribe namely the "Baduy" tribe.

The modern wedding attire is dominated by black color with gold thread embroidery. 

Banten Wedding Traditional Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

The addition of accessories such as head coverings, crowns, belts, necklaces, and sandals with matching patterns and colors makes the bridal couple looks more glamorous.

17. Special Capital Region Jakarta Province Traditional Wedding Dresses

The native tribe of the Special Capital City of Jakarta is the "Betawi" tribe. The word Betawi is taken from "Batavia", which is the old name of Jakarta.

Betawi Wedding Traditional Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

The wedding dresses from this province usually are brighter colored.

The groom's attire consists of a long robe on the outer layer which is decorated with embroidery. For the head cover, use a "Turban" with flower decoration that hangs down to the shoulder on one side.

Meanwhile, the bride's attire consists of a top and bottom with matching colors and is also decorated with embroidery. The crown on the bride is more ornate and there are flowers arrangement hanging down to the shoulders on both sides. In addition, the bride also wears accessories that function as a veil.

18. West Java Province Dresses of Traditional Wedding

In the Province of West Java, the largest ethnic group is "Sundanese".

Sundanese traditional wedding attire usually tends to be soft in color.

West Java Wedding Traditional Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

There are several types of dresses in this province, which were influenced by the kingdom or the nobility who were influential in the past.

The groom wears a suit for the top and Batik cloth for the bottom and also wears headgear.

And, the bride wears "Kebaya" for the top side made of brocade. For the bottom wear Batik cloth which has the same motif and color as the groom. Besides that, the bride wears a crown that stands for hope and fear for her partner.

19. Central Java Province Traditional Wedding Dresses

One of the traditional clothes of Central Java is Batik. In 2008 UNESCO has crowned Indonesian Batik as the "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

There are various Batik, the original Batik is a hand-painted Batik.

Central Java Wedding Traditional Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

In the Province of Central Java, traditional wedding dresses are usually on a black top made of velvet. It also, decorate with beautiful embroidery. Meanwhile, the lower part wears Batik cloth with the same pattern for the groom and the bride.

The groom wears a head covering called "Blangkon" which is also made of Batik cloth. And, for the bride, her hair is rolled up and decorated with some white flowers and accessories.

20. Traditional Wedding Dresses for the Special Region of Yogyakarta

Located in the Southern part of the island of Java, this province is bordered by Central Java and the Indian Ocean. 

In fact, the Special Region of Yogyakarta Province is a well-known tourist area both nationally and internationally after Bali Island.

This is because many historical heritage sites from the Royal Era form Temples. Among others, is the Borobudur Temple which is one of the 7 Wonders of the world, apart from that there are also Prambanan Temples, Kalasan Temples, Abang Temples, and many more.

Besides the temples tour, there is also natural attraction such as volcanic mountains, beaches, and caves.

The Special Region of Yogyakarta Province Wedding Traditional Dresses
- Image credit Pinterest Community

Furthermore, talking about traditional wedding dresses in this province is not much different from the province of Central Java.

The bride and groom wore black tops made of velvet with beautiful embroidery and Batik cloth for their bottom. Real jasmine flowers adorn the bride's hair curls and as a groom's neck ornament beside other accessories.

The striking difference is in the head covering of the groom who wears a hat of a rather high size.

21. East Java Province Traditional Wedding Dresses

The last is East Java Province which is bordered by the Java Sea to the North, the Bali Strait (Bali Province) to the East, the Indian Ocean to the south, and Central Java Province to the west. The capital of this province is Surabaya city.

East Java Wedding Traditional Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Traditional wedding dresses in East Java Province are not much different from Central Java province wedding dresses.

Both, the groom and bride wear a black color top dress made of velvet decorated with embroidery gold thread. For the bottom still wear Batik cloth which has the same motif between the two brides.

In addition, accessories such as hats, crowns, real jasmine flowers, 'Keris" (a weapon in the form of small knives), and sandals are adjusted to the color and motif of the clothes. 

Well, these are the five provinces on the island of Java with the charm and elegance of traditional wedding dresses in each region that is present in my post this time 38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 3).

Don't miss my next post part 4 about the charm and beauty of traditional wedding dresses in other Indonesian Provinces.

So, what is on your mind after reading this post?

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See you in the next article, keep healthy and happy!

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4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips

Everyone loves to have good hair. Good hair will make a person more confident about how they look. And, the feeling of cleanness of well-maintained hair will make them feel more relaxed and at peace. Here I have small tips that are very easy to follow.  4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips, please read this article patiently.

Powerful Hair Tips for Every Kind of Hair Type


4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips 

However, it’s important to know how to keep your hair clean and look good. In order to do that let's start with hair types. Because it’s also good to know the type of hair that you have.

Hair Types

In fact, hair types aren’t as simple as saying it’s curly or straight. There are a dozen of different subcategories of hair types. Each is with its own characteristic. Knowing your hair type will help you care for it.

1.      Straight

Straight Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

First, straight hair. This hair type is straight with the tendency of becoming greasy and shiny. Typically, straight hair gets greasy much faster than curly hair because the oil from your scalp travels down the hair much more quickly. 

There are 3 subcategories for straight hair:

·   - Type 1A. Most Asian women have this type of straight hair, 1A is very straight and fine.

·   - Type 1B. Not as straight as 1A but still very straight. 1B is thicker with a medium texture and more volume.

·   - Type 1C. Compared to other types, 1C is thicker, coarser, and shinier, and also more resistant to curly styling.


2.      Naturally Wavy

Naturally Wavy Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

Further, naturally wavy type of hair usually isn’t overly oily or very dry. Wavy hair can be considered a mix of straight and curly.

·   - Type 2A. This type of hair is very easy to handle and style. The reason for this is that the hair can easily be straightened or curled.

·   - Type 2B. The hair usually has waves that fit the shape of your head.

·   - Type 2C. Frizz easily and fairly coarse.

3.      Curly Hair

Curly Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

Furthermore, curly hair can be easily recognized by the repetitive “S” shaped curl pattern. Curly hair isn’t as shiny as Type 1 or Type 2.

·   - Type 3A. The hair is very shiny and loose.

·   - Type 3B. The hair has a medium amount of curls, from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.

·   - Type 3C. Very tight curls or kinks and is easier to style than the other two types.


    4. Very Curly or Kinky

Very Curly or Kinky Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

The last is very curly or Kinky hair. This type of hair has very tight and well-defined curls. Usually, it is fairly coarse in texture but is also sensitive and prone to damage caused by heat and hair products.

·   - Type 4A. This type of hair has a soft texture with tight, well-defined curls or kinks.

·   - Type 4B. Tight curls, less defined, soft, and fragile

·   - Type 4C. Tight curls to the point that it looks not curly at all.



Tips for Caring the Hair

By the way, after knowing the types of hair, now I want to share some tips on how to care the hair base on the types of hair.

1.      Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Keep it clean as often as you can, straight is easy to grow out and has a lot of natural shine. You just need to focus on the grease.

2.      Wavy Hair

Naturally Wavy Hair

Keep it light and easy. The main problem is frizz. Control the frizz without weighing down your natural curl. You need to find out how to add moisture and volume without losing that wave.

3.      Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Focus on moisture. Frizz is your biggest enemy. The solution is to keep your hair moisturized. The right shampoo and conditioner can hydrate your locks while mousses, creams, and jellies can add control and definition.

4.      Very Curly or Kinky Hair

Very Curly or Kinky Hair

Everything is needed. You need to talk to your stylist for the best solution for your hair. There are so many combinations of products that may or may not work for you.

Of course, besides the tips above there are many more ways to take good care of your hair. But, these 4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips you can apply easily. Hair is like a crown. Good, strong, and clean hair will be able to increase your self-confidence.

Well, don't miss our other articles and please spent your little time writing some comments in the comment box below!

See you in the next articles, and have a safe and healthy life.

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