5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose

In the age of smartphones, fewer and fewer people are using and/or wearing a watch. Many aspects of a watch have been replaced by a single smartphone and many people also considered a watch as a thing of the past and is no longer needed. And, in this post, I want to share 5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose from, also make sure that still we need the watch.

Benefits of Watches and Things to Know Before Getting One

5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose 

On the other hand, there are still people who think that smartphones and watches are two different things, and watches have their own functions and benefits over smartphones. Let's start with:

The Benefits of Wearing a Watch:

1. A Timepiece 

First, of course, the function of the watch is as a timepiece. Talking about watches, it's very closely related to time. With a watch wrapped around your wrist, you don't bother asking others about the time or looking at the place that can tell the current time.

People who are disciplined, they are really calculating how much time they need to do something. For them, a wristwatch is a very important thing need to have.

2. An Accessories

Next, watches are part of fashion. One of the accessories that can enhance the appearance and make someone who wears it feel more confident.

People who really care and pay attention to their appearance, they will spend time mixing and matching watches and other accessories with the outfit they want to use. For them, a wristwatch is an important thing to make them look fashionable.

3. An Indicator of Social Status 

There are many watches available in the market, with various models and prices. For rich people, wearing watches with fantastic prices is one of their effort to show social status. They will wear the original watches of famous brands.

Besides that, they also collect these expensive watches and make them as investments. They look for unlimited or special edition watches for that.

4. A Gift 

Perhaps, you've run out of ideas to give a gift to someone. For graduations, birthdays, or anything for your kids, wife or husband, friends or relatives, the watch can be a great gift for anyone and on any occasion.

When you’re in doubt, a watch can be the answer and solution you need. Just go to a watch shop and get one, simple as that.

Researching for a great watch as a gift isn’t hard either. There are many articles and people who know which watches are great to be gifted and can be customized based on things like budget, style, and the kind of person the watch is intended for.

Besides that, watches are also long-lasting. A gift is more valuable if it can last for years to come. A watch will not only last for a long time but also can be worn at all times.

Imagine gifting a watch for someone that you love and they wear the watch every time you see them. Compare this to a phone, they might replace it with a new one within a year.

5. A Social Tool 

Furthermore, watches can be a great icebreaker in any situation. When you’re in a room with someone you don’t know, you can break the ice by asking something about the current time or about the watch they are wearing. Tell them you love their watch, guess the brand, and ask them where they got it.

Asking about someone’s watch can be a great line opener and might work well than you expected. It’s way better than the old cheesy that people often used and it will also make you sound more educated and sophisticated.

Tips on Choosing Watches:

     1. Start with Types

There are different types of watches you can buy. Three main types are; analog, digital, and analog/digital. Analog/digital watches combine two different types into one watch.

Analog watches are typically good for business and formal occasions. Digital watches are more casual. Analog/digital watches are practical and can be worn every day except on formal occasions, usually.

2. Materials

Materials will determine the style, type, and price of the watch. From the case that holds the face of the watch to the bands. The case is typically made from resin, metal, plastic, or titanium, and the bands are from canvas, leather, or exotic skins.

3. Style

A watch can range from a sports watch, field watch or divers watch. But the most common types are casual, formal, or dress watches.

4. Movement Types

Watches use power sources from the battery, quartz, or mechanical. Choose the one that picks your interest the most.

     5. Brand

The brand will be heavily dependent on your budget. Most companies have a huge option for watches, some offer both cheap and expensive watches, and some only offer luxury watches.

In fact, time is the most valuable thing. The time that has passed will never come back again. And, talking about watches, it's very closely related to time. 

After you’ve got your watch, you can wear it with pride. 

I hope after you read this 5 Watches Benefits and Tips to Choose you have a better idea about looking time from a watch or mobile phone. 


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  1. I love watches. I never not have a watch on. Although I’ve tried different types over the years - there’s always one on my wrist!


    1. Thank you for stopping by, you must be a watch lover.

  2. I wear an apple watch daily, but I do have other watches that I wear when my attire is formal or dressy.

  3. I think I am the only person I know who still wears a watch. So much easier for me to just look at my wrist. I do find it a fashion statement but also a tool for me. This article has some good tips on choosing timepieces.

  4. A Rolex has enticed me before but I stand true to my apple watch.

  5. As an introvert, I never use a watch to get into a conversation. Rather, its usually an excuse to leave the room. Which is why I'm always wearing one


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