4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips

Everyone loves to have good hair. Good hair will make a person more confident about how they look. And, the feeling of cleanness of well-maintained hair will make them feel more relaxed and at peace. Here I have small tips that are very easy to follow.  4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips, please read this article patiently.

Powerful Hair Tips for Every Kind of Hair Type


4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips 

However, it’s important to know how to keep your hair clean and look good. In order to do that let's start with hair types. Because it’s also good to know the type of hair that you have.

Hair Types

In fact, hair types aren’t as simple as saying it’s curly or straight. There are a dozen of different subcategories of hair types. Each is with its own characteristic. Knowing your hair type will help you care for it.

1.      Straight

Straight Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

First, straight hair. This hair type is straight with the tendency of becoming greasy and shiny. Typically, straight hair gets greasy much faster than curly hair because the oil from your scalp travels down the hair much more quickly. 

There are 3 subcategories for straight hair:

·   - Type 1A. Most Asian women have this type of straight hair, 1A is very straight and fine.

·   - Type 1B. Not as straight as 1A but still very straight. 1B is thicker with a medium texture and more volume.

·   - Type 1C. Compared to other types, 1C is thicker, coarser, and shinier, and also more resistant to curly styling.


2.      Naturally Wavy

Naturally Wavy Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

Further, naturally wavy type of hair usually isn’t overly oily or very dry. Wavy hair can be considered a mix of straight and curly.

·   - Type 2A. This type of hair is very easy to handle and style. The reason for this is that the hair can easily be straightened or curled.

·   - Type 2B. The hair usually has waves that fit the shape of your head.

·   - Type 2C. Frizz easily and fairly coarse.

3.      Curly Hair

Curly Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

Furthermore, curly hair can be easily recognized by the repetitive “S” shaped curl pattern. Curly hair isn’t as shiny as Type 1 or Type 2.

·   - Type 3A. The hair is very shiny and loose.

·   - Type 3B. The hair has a medium amount of curls, from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.

·   - Type 3C. Very tight curls or kinks and is easier to style than the other two types.


    4. Very Curly or Kinky

Very Curly or Kinky Hair - Image credit Pinterest Community

The last is very curly or Kinky hair. This type of hair has very tight and well-defined curls. Usually, it is fairly coarse in texture but is also sensitive and prone to damage caused by heat and hair products.

·   - Type 4A. This type of hair has a soft texture with tight, well-defined curls or kinks.

·   - Type 4B. Tight curls, less defined, soft, and fragile

·   - Type 4C. Tight curls to the point that it looks not curly at all.



Tips for Caring the Hair

By the way, after knowing the types of hair, now I want to share some tips on how to care the hair base on the types of hair.

1.      Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Keep it clean as often as you can, straight is easy to grow out and has a lot of natural shine. You just need to focus on the grease.

2.      Wavy Hair

Naturally Wavy Hair

Keep it light and easy. The main problem is frizz. Control the frizz without weighing down your natural curl. You need to find out how to add moisture and volume without losing that wave.

3.      Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Focus on moisture. Frizz is your biggest enemy. The solution is to keep your hair moisturized. The right shampoo and conditioner can hydrate your locks while mousses, creams, and jellies can add control and definition.

4.      Very Curly or Kinky Hair

Very Curly or Kinky Hair

Everything is needed. You need to talk to your stylist for the best solution for your hair. There are so many combinations of products that may or may not work for you.

Of course, besides the tips above there are many more ways to take good care of your hair. But, these 4 Hair Types and Easy Hair Care Tips you can apply easily. Hair is like a crown. Good, strong, and clean hair will be able to increase your self-confidence.

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See you in the next articles, and have a safe and healthy life.

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  1. I have the very curly and kinky and hair wash day is just so dreading lol. Thank you for sharing this post.

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    1. I had no idea there are si many subtypes in every type of hair. I guess everyday we learn something new.

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