38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 2)

Welcome back to my next article. As promised last week, if I want to continue writing an article about 38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 2)

After presenting 10 beauties of traditional wedding dresses on the island of Sumatra last week, in this article which is the second part I will present the beauties and the uniqueness of traditional wedding dresses for the island of Kalimantan. 

The Beauties and the Uniqueness of "Borneo" Traditional Wedding Dresses

38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 2)

Kalimantan island is located in the middle of the large islands in Indonesia. And, Kalimantan is known as "The Island of A Thousand Rivers". This is because there are many rivers that flow on this island.

By the way, Kalimantan island is known by the world as "Borneo". 
With the authenticity and natural beauty of the forest, Kalimantan also has traditional wedding dresses that are rich in color and accessories.
Let's see one by one based on the name of the province.

11. West Kalimantan Province Wedding Traditional Dresses

West Kalimantan Traditional Wedding Dress - Image credit Pinterest Community

Number eleven is West Kalimantan Province. Actually, there are several tribes in West Kalimantan and each of these tribes has a different traditional wedding dress. But now I only show wedding clothes from one of the tribes in West Kalimantan.

The two brides wore almost the same necklace accessories, but the crown on the bride has more glamorous than the groom who wears a simple crown.

12. East Kalimantan Province Traditional Dresses for Wedding

East Kalimantan Traditional Wedding Dress - Image credit Pinterest Community

Further, just like West Kalimantan which has many tribes, East Kalimantan Province there are also has many tribes. This means, that there are several traditional clothes that are often used for formal events such as weddings. 

One of the traditional wedding dresses in East Kalimantan is "Antakusuma" dress, which is also known as "The Yellow Kutai". 
In Royal times these clothes were only worn by the royal family from the Kingdom of "Kutai Kartanegara".

13. North Kalimantan Province 

North Kalimantan Province also has several tribes. One of them is the "Tidung" tribe and they have several formal attire which only use for formal events. 
The traditional North Kalimantan wedding dress is named "Sina Branti".

North Kalimantan Traditional Wedding Dress - Image credit Pinterest Community

The wedding tradition of North Kalimantan or Sina Branti has a characteristic color of clothing which is dominated by yellow color combined with red on the chest. The bride and groom wear a beautiful golden crown.

14.  South Kalimantan Province Traditional Wedding Dresses

Furthermore, apart from the "Dayak" tribe which occupies the entire area of Kalimantan Island, in Southern Kalimantan, there is also the "Banjar" tribe.

There are several types of traditional wedding dresses in this area, but I will present a wedding dress that has the meaning of "Sun's Rays".

South Kalimantan Traditional Wedding Dress - Image credit Pinterest Community

15. Central Kalimantan Traditional Dresses for Wedding

Wedding dresses in the Province of Central Kalimantan have a uniqueness that is different from other provinces in Kalimantan.
Although it looks simpler compare to wedding dresses from other provinces, it looks beautiful and charming.

Central Kalimantan Traditional Wedding Dress - Image credit Pinterest Community

The bride's dress with tank top model is made of velvet and silk of various colors, and below wears a bodycon skirt.
The most unique is the bride's crown which decorates with bird feathers.

Of course, this article 
38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 2) is very short to find out more about the culture and uniqueness of each region. 

But, on another occasion, I will share again about fashion, accessories, and beauty from the people from each province.

Of these five provinces' traditional wedding dresses, which one do you like? Please write your comment in the comment box below.

Well, meet you again in the next post Part 3, where I'm going to present the traditional wedding dress of Java Island. 

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38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 1)

Besides having extraordinary natural beauty, Indonesia is also rich in language and culture. Currently, Indonesia has 38 provinces, and every province has a different language and different culture. Right now I want to share the beauty of Indonesia from a fashion standpoint, 38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 1).

The Beauty of Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses You Will Surprise

38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 1) - Image credit Pinterest

Why choose to wear traditional wedding dresses?

A bride who chooses to wear traditional clothing as their wedding attire is usually because:

  • Want to tell people where their ancestors came from
  • Want to look different, unique, and more sacred
  • Want to look amazing because usually traditional clothes have lots of accessories and decoration
Besides that, each traditional dress has a meaning of hope for a lasting marriage, a bright life, lively, and a happy life together. 

By the way, let's start looking at traditional wedding dresses one by one.

1. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province 

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

First, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam is a province in Indonesia that is located in the northwest.
Usually, traditional wedding clothes from this area are more closed and look luxurious.

2. North Sumatera Province Traditional Wedding Dresses

North Sumatera Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

The next province in the northwest of Indonesia is North Sumatra. In this area, the wedding clothes are more simple, and their hallmark is the wide shawl called Ulos.

3.  South Sumatera Province 

South Sumatera Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

A spectacular crown becomes a decoration on the bridal's head. With lots of decorations and accessories, the bride looks very dominant and different from others.

4. West Sumatera Province Traditional Dresses for Wedding

West Sumatera Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Further, for the traditional wedding dresses of West Sumatra, a high, large, and luxurious crown is only for the bride. While the groom only wore a simple head covering.

Usually, the color of the wedding clothes from this area is a bright color.

5. Bengkulu Province

Bengkulu Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

There are not too many accessories in the traditional Bengkulu wedding attire, but it still looks luxurious on the bride's crown.
Bright colors that mean joy ad happiness is still a choice for a wedding dress in this area.

6. Riau Province Traditional Wedding Dresses

Riau Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Riau Province, which is also known as the Malay tribe, has a simpler traditional wedding dress.
Usually, yellow and white colors are more often used.

7. Kepulauan Riau Provice 

Riau Kepulauan Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Kepulauan Riau or Riau Archipilagos have the sama custom with Riau Province. Beautiful simplicity and charm.

8. Jambi Province Custom Wedding Dresses

Jambi Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Furthermore, Jambi traditional wedding dresses look different on the bride's crown. The crown is wider but not too high. while the groom is simpler and doesn't wear too many accessories.
For the clothes use a mixture of bright colors.

9. Lampung Province 

Lampung Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

With the bride's crown model being wider and lower, the traditional clothes of Lampung Province look simpler and fresher. The decoration is not much, but the accessories look different from other traditional dress accessories.

10. Bangka Belitung Province Dresses for Wedding

Bangka Belitung Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Bangka Belitung Traditional Wedding Dresses - Image credit Pinterest Community

Next, the tenth Province is Bangka Belitung Province. This Province is in the southwest part of Indonesia. 
This Provincial traditional wedding dress is also simple and does not have too many accessories and decorations. The pattern or weaves on the groom's and bride's clothes look the same and match.

Well, on this occasion I can share only ten of the thirty-eight traditional wedding dresses in each province in Indonesia. This article 38 Most Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dresses (Part 1), I will continue in the next article (Part 2). Make sure you will follow the article that I will post next week.

Of the ten provinces located on Sumatra Island, I will present traditional wedding dresses on Kalimantan island.

In the end, see you in the next article only with FazionMania Style "Who Always Want to Look Trendy and Fashionable".

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14 Meaningful Love Quotes for Your Valentine's

Everybody needs love. True unconditional love comes from the depths of the heart, which is expressed by action every moment. Love which not talk about only physical matters between men and women. Talk about love, we are reminded about Valentine's day which will come soon. And now I want to share 14 Meaningful Love Quotes for your Valentine's. Stay tuned!

Make your Valentine's Day Meaningful 

14 Meaningful Love Quotes for Your Valentines

By the way, loves have depth and wide meaning. And, love is also can be addressed to partners, parents, children, siblings, teachers, even pets.

14 meaningful love quotes below are intended for those around you and certainly have a special meaning for you, they are among others:

  • Love Quotes for Partners

    Love Quotes for Partners

First, our partner is the person we choose. The person with whom we can share the joys and the sorrow for the rest of our life. Of course, we know that we love each other, but the expression of love is a communication that is very important for the continuation of a healthy relationship.

Besides communication, other factors such as mutual trust and respect will make the relationship harmonious and beautiful.    

1. "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you." 
- Winnie the Pooh

2. "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
- Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry - 

3. "Husband and wife relationships are like the relationship of Tom & Jerry. Though they are teasing and fighting, but can’t live without each other."

  • Love Quotes for Parents

    Love Quotes for Parents

Parents are those who brought us into this world. Through them, we can see and enjoy the beauty of this world. They are also our first teachers who have patiently taught us to live life in this world.

Of course, our greatest appreciation is for them because without them we are nothing.

4. “No Matter How far We Come, Our Parents are Always in Us." 
- Brad Meltzer - 

5. “Our Parents' Prayer is the Most Beautiful Poetry & Expectations.” - Aditia Rinaldi -

6. “A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.” – Robert Brault - 

  • Love Quotes for Children

    Love Quotes for Children

Further, children are the fruit of our love with our partners. They come from love and of course, we need to take care of them with love too. 
With an abundance of love, the children will grow into patient, polite, and loving person.

7. ” Wherever You Are, my Love Will Find You 
– Nancy Tillman -

8. “In my life, you are the sun that never fades and the moon that never wanes. Shine on, my child.” 
– Unknown - 

  • Love Quotes for Siblings

    Love Quotes for Siblings

Childhood is the most beautiful time. For those of us who have brothers and sisters, they are the people who have colored our childhood live.
Being with them will make us always feel the beauty of childhood is always there.

9. "Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister." - Alice Walker 

10. “One look at your sibling, and you’ll always be reminded of your childhood.” - Anonimous

  • Love Quotes for Teacher

    Love Quotes for Teacher

Furthermore, teachers are one of the most meritorious people in our lives. After parents, teachers are people who open our perception and introduce us to the world. 

Patiently and sincerely they teach us about various knowledge that will become our provision to face competition in this world. 

11. "Your heart is slightly larger than the average human heart, but that's because you're a teacher." - Aaron Bacall

12. "Teaching is the greatest act of optimism." - Colleen Wilcox

  • Love Quotes for Pets

    Love Quotes for Pets

Love is not only for fellow human beings. A loving fellow living being will make our lives more perfect. Because love is about responsible, caring, and feeling comfortable.

In fact, just like humans, animals and plants also have and need love. We need each other in this wide world to feel happy and comfortable. 

13. “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” – Immanuel Kant

14. “Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.” – James Cromwell

Well, on this special coming Valentine's day let's share our big love with all living things in this world to make a better life, safe life, healthy life, and more beautiful life.

This article 14 Meaningful Love Quotes for your Valentine's hope can make us more aware that life will feel more beautiful by spreading lots of love.

Happy Valentine's day!

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8 Easy Tips Having Beautiful Hands and Feet

When we talk about our daily routine body care, we mostly talk about day and night face cream or weekly hair salon appointments. But, we tend to overlook the parts that needed the most care. Hands and feet are the most exposed parts and the most used parts of our body, yet we do not pay much attention to pampering them. Today I want to share 8 Easy Tips Having Beautiful Hands and Feet. Easily you can do it slowly and make it a habit.

How to Have Beautiful Hands and Feet Easily

8 Easy Tips Having Beautiful Hands and Feet

Unfortunately, these most exposed parts of our body count to make our first impression. Hands and feet with clean, smooth, and glowing skin resemble detail and hygiene. It will give the impression that the owner is more trustworthy.

So, add these tips to your routine body care. It is just a matter of time before you get to head-to-toe beauty:

  • Hands

1. Moisturizer

Hands Moisturizer - Image credit Canva

First, nothing wrong with washing our hands with soap regularly, it is even suggested for health reasons. But, forget not, skin can lose its natural moisturizer by contact with soap. That is why you have to start to develop the habit to apply lotion, cream, or any moisturizer after you wash your hands. Hygiene will not necessarily have to affect your pretty skin.

2. Exfoliate

Hands Exfoliate - Image credit Canva

Certainly, just like any part of your body, you need to exfoliate your hands. Exfoliating your hands is important to get rid of dead skin and reveal your young glowing skin. To exfoliate you can use raw honey and sugar as a homemade scrub. If you can stick to this routine a few times a week, you will congratulate yourself on having beautiful smooth hands.

3. Wear Gloves

Wear Gloves - Image credit Canva

By the way, when you do activities that involve a lot of water and chemical, try to protect your hands by wearing gloves. Keep the rubber gloves put on the next time you wash dishes or scrub your bathroom floor.

4. Preventing UV Light 

Preventing UV Light - Image credit Canva

In fact, the UV light from sun exposure can bring no good to your skin and your hands are no exception. To prevent your hands look dull and dry, always apply sunscreen on your hands every time you have outdoor activity. Always carry a small tube of sunscreen in your purse to reapply when it is needed.

  • Feet

5. Wash Them

Wash Them - Image credit Canva

Further, spend more time in the shower to wash your feet and toenails. Use your regular body soap to rub your feet, toenails, and between the toes. If you do this every time you take shower, ideally twice a day, it will keep your toenails shiny and clean.

6. Soak in Lukewarm Water

Soal in Lukewarm Water - Image credit Canva

After a tiring day at work wearing heels, nothing better than soaking your feet in lukewarm water. For the best result, add some moisturizers like olive oil. Soaking your feet can help you relax, clean the dust, also get rid of callouses and dry skin. Do this routine for 10-15 minutes regularly, and you will see the difference.

7. Moisturize

Feet Moisturize - Image credit Canva

Never forget to use a moisturizer after washing your feet or when you spend many hours in an air-conditioned room. Cream, body lotion, or foot cream will do the work just fine.

At night, after you moisturize your feet, put some socks on. Wearing socks will keep your feet moisturized and minimize cracks and dryness.

8. Sunscreen

Sunscreen - Image credit Canva

Ladies, always remember that sunscreen is a woman's best friend. Put sunscreen on your feet every time you have an outdoor activity, especially when you are wearing sandals.

Ladies, just like Rome, a long last beauty is not built in one day. A small habit you commit today will define how you will look in the next few years. Hopefully, this short article 8 Easy Tips Having Beautiful Hands and Feet can help you to start more caring for your hands and feet. 

The last, wait for our next article about fashion, beauty, health, accessories, and sensational here with FazionMania Style. Happy pampering!

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