7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)

Do you know some precious metals are commonly used to make your luxury fashionable jewelry? Such as Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Silver-filled, Cobalt, also Base metal. Therefore, I’m going to bring all these here in 7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common), for you.

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)

So far, people can’t get enough of jewelry. They look beautiful, thanks to the designers and the materials used. Further, different materials may result in an entirely different kind of jewelry. The materials determine how valuable the jewelry is.

7 Most Common Types of Metal Used to Create Jewelry

As we know, there are several metals that are often used as material for jewelry, such as:
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Silver-filled
  • Base Metal and
  • Cobalt
Metalsmiths use a wide variety of materials to work with. Let’s break down the most common materials used for jewelry one by one.

1. Gold

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)
Gold Jewelry - Image credit Pinterest Community

Gold jewelry is usually a mix of gold and other metals, such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. The actual gold content is measured in karat (K) or carats (ct). The system tells the various grades of gold purity.

The maximum gold content is 24K, which is not a good amount for jewelry since 24K gold is soft and malleable. 14K gold is the sweet spot it’s strong and easy to work with. The premium amount of gold content is 18K or 75% pure gold.

2. Platinum

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)
Platinum Ring - Image credit Pinterest Community

It is often said that platinum is just as beautiful as the gems it displays. Platinum looks elegant and blends well with a variety of metals and stones. Moreover, Platinum is four times stronger than gold. It lasts very long, resistant to damage and wear.

Platinum is also the purest and most precious metal used in modern-day jewelry making. And, it is often alloyed with copper and cobalt to get a different look.

3. Palladium

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)
Palladium Necklace - Image credit Pinterest Community

Further, Palladium is considered to be the smarter, lighter alternative to platinum. Palladium is a very popular metal for jewelry for men and women alike. Palladium looks very similar to platinum at a cheaper price tag, no wonder it’s really popular.

Palladium’s natural color is white, so it doesn’t need rhodium plating to render it more fashionable. Palladium is also nickel-free and immune to tarnish caused by prolonged wear and exposure.

4. Silver

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)
Silver Bangle - Image credit Pinterest Community

Silver has been used for jewelry since ancient times. Silver is still used to craft much fine jewelry on the market. Also, it used to be considered more valuable than gold. Pure silver is a soft metal with a white, lustrous hue. 

As many people already know, besides jewelry, silver is also used for many industrial and decorative applications.

The amount of silver in a piece of finished jewelry is usually 92.5% and the rest is copper. Silver lasts long and is very durable. It’s a great material for necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuff links, belt buckles, and many more.

5. Silver-filled

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)
Silver-filled Ring - Image credit Pinterest Community

Furthermore, Silver-filled also known as silver overlay is another popular choice for jewelry. The difference with silver-filled is that it’s made by using heat and pressure to apply a layer of silver on top of a cheaper metal as the base.

The silver layer is hundreds of times thicker than standard plating. This allows Metalsmiths to work deeper, polish more, and do some light engraving without exposing the base. This results in more unique jewelry.

6. Base Metal

7 Precious Metal Jewelry Luxury Fashion (Most Common)
Base Metal Jewelry - Image credit Pinterest Community

Besides that, you can’t forget the base metal. Base metals include iron, nickel, copper, brass, and titanium. These metals are abundant, so they’re cheaper. These base metals are vulnerable to corrosion.

Sure, you see a lot of different kinds, in shapes and designs jewelry, crafted from these metals. For example, you can find pendants, lockets, bracelets, bangles, and much more jewelry made of base metals.

7. Cobalt

Cobalt Jewelry - Image credit Pinterest Community

In the end, Cobalt has become more and more popular recently. It’s used on wedding rings mainly because of its durability, silvery-white shine, hypoallergenic properties, and affordable price tag. For people who are active, cobalt is perfect for them.
Cobalt is also typically used in men’s wedding bands and rings.

We hope that this article could give you a simple and general knowledge of jewelry materials and help you decide on which material you want to use for your precious accessories.
By the way, what materials do you like for your jewelry?

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Have a nice day!

Comment below about your choice of Metal, and let us know why you like a specific metal.

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