20 Most Beautiful Summer Nail Art Designs Special for You

What do you think about when summer comes? Planning to spend time outside with friends? Go somewhere for a holiday? Or just want to spend time at home with all interesting matters like gardening, cooking, house decorating, or pamper yourself with nail care. A lot of nail designs you can apply, and one of the ideas is the summer nail art design.

Most Beautiful Summer Nail Art Designs

In fact, beauty is one of the interesting matters to talk about, some more for women. And, nail care is a part of beauty.  In this summer, Fazionmania wants to share about 20 Most Beautiful Summer Nail Art Designs Special for You. By the way, you can do it by yourself at home or by your nail art specialist to make it happen.

So, enjoy your time by observing these 20 nail art designs below which FazionMania Style has already selected especially for you.

Let’s begin!

 Soft Color Flowers – Blooming in Summer

Soft Color Flowers Image-1
Soft Color Flowers Image-1

Aren’t these nails look simple and pretty? Precisely, for you those who like soft color and little art, all or any of these designs you can choose. So, how you are going to do that? It’s very simple, use soft pink color as a base coat then you can add little bit small flowers on top. It will look fresh and clean on your nails. And, besides that, it can make your mind fresh on sunny days.

Soft Color Flowers Image-2
Soft Color Flowers Image-2

Further, this nail art design is for a rather prominent bigger flower image comparing to the first one as I mentioned earlier. You can put colorful and bigger flower images on the white color base coat. Your summer nail art will bring you to the colorful flower garden.

Soft Color Flowers Image-3
Soft Color Flowers Image-3

Soft Color Flowers Image-4
Soft Color Flowers Image-4
By the way, what do you think about these two nail art designs? These are a combination of white and pink color. And then, you can add some nail accessories or just without accessories. Anyway, both look gorgeous.

Soft Color Flowers Image-5
Soft Color Flowers Image-5
Besides that, this soft purple color background looks awesome with deep purple and white color flowers. You can choose these all soft color flower designs to brighten up your days even on a warm and sunny summer day.

Fresh Fruits – For Summer Nail Art

Fresh Fruits Image-1
Fresh Fruits Image-1
Look at this honeydew nail art! Is that looks fresh? Of course, who don’t know the sweetness and freshness of honeydew? Honeydew skin color is green and the flesh is usually pale green or greenish to yellow and everybody likes the fruit.

In fact, besides freshness, vitamin C in honeydew also helps to boost your immune system to fight off bacteria and illnesses. And we are going to use the colors.

Apply on your nails, and then you can feel fresh. So, you need green, pale green and greenish yellow to use on your nails.

Fresh Fruits Image-2
Fresh Fruits Image-2
Fresh Fruits Image-3
Fresh Fruits Image-3
Further, even though these two pictures are using the same color but designing with different fruits. Perhaps, these two fruits you like more. To put banana or pineapple design on your nails you can use white color nail polish as a base. The result will look fresh and clean to eyes.

Fresh Fruits Image-4
Fresh Fruits Image-4

Fresh Fruits Image-5
Fresh Fruits Image-5
Beside light green and yellow color, another fresh fruit with the bright color you can choose. Certainly, watermelon and cherry design will be perfect for your summer nail art. The bright red color is dominant in this nail art design. It will make your summer days more cheerful. 

So far, everything about this fruit nail art design is so fresh and youthful.  Imagine in the sunny days you can find the fresh fruits, it will be amazing. The color combination is great, and it can be pulled off as the perfect summer nail art look.

Minimalists – Pretty Nail Art Design

In case, you want to do your nail art design at home by yourself. You can try these minimalists nail designs. Just a little passion and be brave to play with colors, the result will be awesome.

Minimalists Image-1
With transparent as a base coat, you can add any color on your nail. This minimalist rainbow design looks simple and sweet. Easily you can do by yourself even though you need to have few colors in your collection. You can pull it off and match with any color of your casual outfit too. This rainbow color nail art will treat the eyes and brighten up your sunny days.

Minimalists Image-2
By the way, for you those who like simple and don’t have a lot of collection of nail polish color, this design is suitable. You need four colors only. White for base coat and then red, black, and blue color you can apply on the top. This simple color nail art will look clean and cool.

Minimalist Image-3
Minimalists Image-4
Furthermore, these two pictures above are another minimalist design. It’s easy to do, after use transparent color as a base coat; you just need the other two colors to apply on the top. Precisely, you can use natural color like white and black to apply on top. 

For this design, you can copy these two ideas. Besides black and white, you can also use any color of your choice for this look. It will still look just pretty cool. 

Minimalists Image-5
Next, for minimalist nail art design using two colors, you can try this simple design. Same as pictures before, you just need two colors to get this nice result. Black and blue you can put on the top after the transparent color base coat. For horizontal or vertical design, both results will look wonderful for your summer nail art design.

The Beach – Spent Time in Summer

Perhaps, the beach is your target destination for this summer. Or you just want to feel beachy from your fingernails? These few nail art designs will bring you to your beach dream.

The Beach Image-1
By the way, the blue sea and green coconut trees can describe the beautiful atmosphere of the beach. It can be wonderful nail art design looks like. For this summer nail art, you need to play with few colors nail polishes. Rather than physically go to the beach, you can enjoy the beach from your fingernails.

The Beach Image-2
Perhaps, you feel boring with coconut trees on the beach, this dolphin in the blue sea can be a substitute for your beach summer nail art design. The cheerfulness of the dolphins which are playing in the sea, it can bring ‘cheers’ in your summer days.

The Beach Image-3

The Beach Image-4
So far, you do not have to just think about the blue color of the sea. Precisely, soft purple looks nice to describe watercolor at the bottom of the sea. Besides that, you can add a picture like pearls and some pictures of sea creatures such as shell, sea star, and sea horse.

The Beach Image-5
Finally, back to the beach, this time you can describe the beach atmosphere for your summer nail art with a different picture. Only using three colors nail polish, black, white, and soft blue, you can make a perfect design of beach atmosphere. 
Are you ready to play at the beach?

Well ladies, these all summer nail art designs are dedicated for you from FazionMania Style. Hopefully, you can get inspirations and some ideas to make your summer more cheerful by this post. In the end, if you have any favorite from these 20 Most Beautiful Summer Nail Art Designs, please share with us in the comment section below.

Have a nice summer!


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