30 Coolest Accessories Trend in Summer 2018 You Will Love So Much

Are you planning for summer? Precisely, when summer comes, a lot of planning comes too. Mostly we want to spend time out of the home. Maybe on the road, at the beach, in the shopping mall or spend time in the park beside daily activities. What you need are some coolest accessories which can cover you from ultraviolet like sunglasses or a hat.

By the way, we are welcoming the warmth of the sunshine. Certainly, for you those who like to spend time outside. 

Coolest Accessories Trend in Summer 2018

And, those who are looking for coolest accessories which trending in this summer 2018. Here you can get some information about your need. Perhaps, this summer you need to shop some items of accessories, such as handbags, sneakers or sandals, you can get some ideas from this article. 

In case, if you are planning to spend summer somewhere outside.

Below, you can observe 30 coolest accessories trend in this summer 2018 and I am sure that you will love these. Some we steal from Paris Fashion Week and we selected for you those still looking for what trending and fashionable right now.

Enjoy by continue reading and observing. And, hopefully, this post can guide you when you go shopping to get your necessary needs for warm summer.

 Trendy Glasses - Coolest Accessories You Must Need

Lady with Trendy Glasses in Yellow Color Dress
Trendy Glasses-Image 1

This one you really need for you those who decided to fall on the street or spend time at the beach. Can you guess what that is? Yes, I am talking about eyewear.
Sunglasses with a trendy design will cover your eyes and some part of your face from sun exposure directly.

Lady in White Color T-Shirt with Trendy Glasses
Trendy Glasses-Image 2

Lady in Black T-Shirt with Trendy Glasses
Trendy Glasses-Image 3

Tips for you, you need to look for sunglasses which can protect you from 99% to 100% UVA and UVB light. For your knowledge, you can select sunglasses with labeled as UV400. This label means, the glasses can block all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

Coolest Colorful Bags - Trend in Summer 2018

Christian Dior Handbag in Gray Color
Coolest Bag-Image 1
So far, from Fashion Week, we can get detail runway photos of beautiful ladies bags for this summer. Furthermore, you can take a look at masterpiece from Christian Dior with a pretty gray color handbag. Neutral color with beautiful design can match with any kind of outfit you wear.

Hermes Handbag in Orange Color
Coolest Bag-Image 2

Loewe Handbag in Brown and Stripe Color
Coolest Bag-Image 3

Even, Hermes doesn’t want to miss this summer and they come with the amazing orange color handbag. Also, Loewe comes with wonderful brown handbag combined with stripes on the strap make this summer more perfect.

Anyway, these three recommendations from FazionMania Style for those you are looking for the branded handbag as a shopping guide.

Perfect Sneakers - for Sunny Days

Valentino Sneakers in Green and Pink Color
Perfect Sneakers-Image 1

Issey Miyake Sneakers in White Color
Perfect Sneakers-Image 2
Versace Sneakers in Red Color
Perfect Sneakers-Image 3

Further, still from Paris Fashion Week, discover the new Valentino is coming for this summer. Besides that, Issey Miyake sneakers ready for you too. Also, perfect sneakers come from Versace with a lot of inspirations in bright colors.

These all are for your morning jogging time to enjoy till the sun gets warm.

Luxurious Earrings - for This Summer

Jacquemus Earring in Round and Box Shape
Luxurious Earring-Image 1

Roksanda Earring Red Color and Round Shape
Luxurious Earring-Image 2

Isabel Marant Earring Big Round Shape
Luxurious Earring-Image 3

Ladies, those of you always want to look fashionable; these Luxurious Earrings recommended for you to choose. From Jewelry Runway until Paris Fashion Week fall 2018.

Precisely, Jacquemus, Roksanda, and Isabel Marant come to make your perfect appearance in this summer.

Stylish Belt-Bags - Coolest Accessories

Zimmemann White Knitting BeltBag
Stylist Belt Bag-Image 1

Valentino Purpel Color Pretty BeltBag
Stylist Belt Bag-Image 2

Gucci Red Color BeltBag
Stylist Belt Bag-Image 3

In fact, Belt-bag is one of the accessories which can make you look stylish and fashionable. From Vogue Runway have knitting belt-bag by Zimmermann. And then, purple pretty stylish belt-bag from Valentino that ready to companion you on the street. Also, the red Gucci belt bag will help you to make choices for your own.

Pretty Sandals - To Wear in This Summer

Lady in Yellow Skirt with Pretty Sandals
Pretty Sandals-Image 1

Lady in Jeans with Pretty Sandals
Pretty sandals-Image 2

Lady in Pretty Sandals with Colorful Shoelace
Pretty Sandals-Image 3

Furthermore, inspiring by Dolce & Gabbana these pretty sandals will make your summer holiday dream come true. With a unique and colorful style, these sandals make your movement easy and relax. Moreover, it helps to reduce the tiredness of your foot.

Chick Necklaces - Another Coolest Accessories

Lady in Red Dress with Long Gold Color Necklaces
Chick Necklaces-Image 1

Lady in Black Dress with Unique Black and White Color Necklaces
Chick Necklaces-Image 2

Lady in Rainbow Color Dress with Unique Black Color Necklaces
Chick Necklaces-Image 3
Again, for ladies those who like to stay girly with a short dress or maxi dress then you can add these chick necklaces on your style.  You will feel more confident besides looking pretty and stylish. So, show the beauty of your neck and explore your personality.

Stunning Boots - Summer Trending

Hermes with Orange Color Under The Knee Boots
Stunning Boots-Image 1

By the way, boots are one of the footwear which can rock your street style. Also, from Paris Fashion Week we got information on boots. Let’s say about these three boots from the famous brands which trend in this summer 2018.

Zimmermann with Khaki Color Ankle boots
Stunning Boots-Image 2

Calvin Klein with Red Color Under The Knee Boots
Stunning Boots-Image 3

We talked earlier about Hermes with an orange color handbag, and now orange under-the- knee boots that look so amazing. Besides Hermes, Zimmermann with khaki ankle boots gives men an alternative to stunning in this summer. And, for ladies, Calvin Klein wants you to look fashionable with red color under-the-knee boots.

Hat Hot - Coolest Accessories You Must Have

Lady in white T-Shirt with Knitting Brown Color Hat
Hat Hot-Image 1
Another self-protection in the summer when you stay outside a long time is the Hat. Beside cover your head from the hit of the sunlight. Hat also can protect your face from the bad effect of ultraviolet. 

Lady in Red Color T-Shirt with Blue Color Round Hat
Hat Hot-Image 2

Lady in White Color Blouse with Brown Color Round Hat
Hat Hot-Image 3

As we know, one of the bad effects of direct UV exposure for your face skin is premature aging. Even, for a long time effect, skin cancer can be caused by direct exposure of sunlight. So, make sure these necessary accessories you have in your summer shopping list.

Charming Bracelets - Beauty Your Hands

Lady with Floral Dress with Dolce&Gabanna Gorgeous Bracelets
Charming Bracelets-Image 1
Finally, for a stylish and modish woman like you, these charming bracelets are necessary to have in your collection. From the Paris Fashion Show, Dolce & Gabanna ready on Vague Runway come with a gorgeous set of the bracelet.

Lady in Floral Dress with Christian Dior Vintage Bracelets
Charming Bracelets-Image 2

Lady in Floral Dress with Jill Stuart Unique Gold Color Bracelets
Charming Bracelets-Image 3

Besides that, Christian Dior Bracelets with Vintage style you can choose for stay stunning. Also, Jill Stuart Bracelets come with a unique style for you those who looking the unique one.

In the end, these all accessories are ready for you to wear in this summer 2018. By this article, I hope you can get some ideas and guideline to fill your accessories collection. Don’t hesitate to explore your inner beauty by adding some needed accessories. But, do not to be extreme in wearing accessories, because it will make you uncomfortable and may look not in accordance with your character.

Well, now you already got some list of the necessary accessories that you need this summer. Stay trendy and cool with these 30 Coolest Accessories Trend in Summer 2018. 

And, enjoy your summer!


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